The Helene Foundation



Referrals to the Helene Foundation are welcome on behalf of mothers who reside in North Carolina, have at least one child under the age of eighteen living in the home, and are receiving active treatment for any form of cancer.

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Referrals are accepted from health care workers (social workers, nurses, physicians), as well as individuals in the community (on behalf of oneself or a friend or family member).

Referrals are considered on a monthly basis and are assessed based upon various criteria, including:

  • Ages and number of children (including special considerations for children with special needs or medical conditions)
  • Duration and stage of cancer treatment as well as expected impact of treatment
  • Change in family’s financial status due to illness or other extenuating circumstances occurring during treatment period
  • Level of family and community support
  • Potential to benefit from the types of services that the foundation can provide.

Refer a mother for services here:

Treating Physician's Name *
Treating Physician's Name

In the referral form, it  may be helpful to include information about expected prognosis as well as timelines of major surgeries or medical interventions, if that information is known. Most referrers are able to convey the necessary information within about two paragraphs but you can include anything that you feel is pertinent for us to know.

Individuals who are accepted for assistance will be contacted by a volunteer or staff member of the Helene Foundation who will then help determine the specific services that we will be able to provide for that family.

Please contact our Executive Director, Susan Bowers, if you have questions at any time during the referral process.